Who is the Pinay Outlaw?

Typically known as Jeddy, she loves sharing stories that empower women and encourage them to keep the grit.

A Filipina currently living in Australia, she shares her past experiences as a student and student leader advocating rights for international students in the country. She hopes her personal stories move others to go out of their comfort zones and to go get that bread.

Most of the time, you’ll find her basking on the beach in a different bikini than yesterday. Fun fact nobody asked: she probably owns more bikinis than undies.

She loves shopping and selling secondhand stuff online (sustainability is awesome!).

When she’s not out in the sun, she loves exploring quaint little nooks around the city and trying out new dishes that tickle her fancy. You’ll soon notice her love for food and beers by the excessive amount of reviews and ramblings you’re about to read on her blog.

One thing she’s proudest of is being mom to the cutest little mongrel — whom, by the way, she adores a whole lot more than food and beers.

An up-and-coming online entrepreneur, she plans on reopening her retail store, Impulse, in April — something that every strong, independent woman should watch out for!

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