Yandina Country Market- Our Nostalgic Experience

Smiles, laughters, kindness.

Yandina Country Market is all that.

The cultural spirit of the market has a perpetually homely countenance of my home country, the Philippines, where the community do not only support the local business, but also  share parts of their lives, stories, tradition, and and most,  their passion.

You’d feel the warmth and genuine congeniality exuding in every stall of the market. The affable smile of the book seller, Ralf, and convivial  conversations of vendors and customers, it’s as if they’ve known each other for years!

From vintage bags, antique cameras, colourful flower pots and calming succulents, to fish and chips, freshly baked goodies- Yandina Country Market is a one stop shop, and definitely for everybody!!!

And the amazing support from the local is also palpable. You would see people coming in and out, buying, chatting- oblivious that friendship has been built. Not a single vendor had told us off from taking photos, too!

Instead, they let us even pose with their stuff, knowing we weren’t buying. They’d politely answer our inquiries, satiating our curiosities, making us feel at home.

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