Tamborine Mountain Bakery is LOVE.

I opened my eyes in an early lazy Saturday morning, feeling the soft breeze of the wind on my face

“Do you know what you want for today?”

I languidly turned my back and gave a sheepish smile.

“I want carrot cake…”

Every Saturday is a TREAT day. It means, my favourite carrot cake and if I get lucky, fresh classic croissant to pair with my coffee.

I couldn’t conceal my giddiness as we walked to the shop and be greeted by the smell of freshly baked treats teasing my nostrils.

Tamborine Mountain Bakery is LOVE.

Like most Saturday’s, I always get the same thing- MY carrot cake and other things- a little bit of danish or cinnamon donuts and maybe a bit of their pies for lunch?

Tamborine Mountain Bakery has been baking since 1924 using their original masonry oven! I always love the idea of it- it sounds almost to me like, passion.

If you have been there, then you would see how it has its character in it on the outside. And inside, you’ll be welcomed with warmth and happiness, making you feel young again, just staring at mouth-watering pastries!

I tried to do more research about its owners and history- I will update this post in the next few weeks.

But for the meantime, if you want to upgrade your morning without breaking your pocket please visit Tamborine Mountain Bakery legend at Main Street, Mt. Tamborine, and enjoy their free Danish doughnuts if you get lucky!

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