How FIFO’s can turn 14-Day Quarantine into a holiday in Darwin City

It was a snap decision, without a tinge of regret.

With the Greater Brisbane on a lockdown for 3 days, the other state borders were closing to Queensland. All travellers from Queensland will have to do a mandatory self quarantine, as it is categorised as low risk.

You can do a self -quarantine which may not cost much but the facility has to be approved by the government. However, if the room does not meet the requirements, you may have to quarantine in the approved facilities, which may cost an arm and leg, let alone, boring.

My airism facemask rocks! I got this from Uniqlo for $19.90 3 pieces a pack!

He has to go to Perth for work, and Western Australia has closed its border to Queenslanders and are requiring travellers to do a covid test and 14-day quarantine.

The Northern Territory is currently treated as a very low risk state, which means no community cases in 28 days. So, anyone who travels from Northern Territory can come to Western Australia without to quarantine for 14 days.

Flying to Darwin and spend 14 days would allow us to go to Western Australia without having to quarantine seem expensive when you look at it, but to quarantine for two people would cost around 3k plus and you must stay inside your room all the time.

After a few research and calls, we decided to go to Darwin City to do a 2-Week Holiday! This is a hell lot better than quarantining!

My love for bikini never ceases. This is me, stoked under the heat of the sun. I am staying at Double Tree Hilton in Darwin. ♥️

Here are a few things to do before going to Darwin.

1. Check quarantine requirements. Currently, Norther Territory does not impose mandatory quarantine to Queenslanders, unless you have been to declared hotspot areas.

2. Fill out the Northern Territory Entry Application Form , a filled out application form will be sent to your designated email address.

3. Wear your mask all the time while in the airport. This one is one strict protocol that needs to be followed.

4. Upon arrival, you will have to present the completed Northern Territory Entry Application Form and your ID before exiting the airport.

5. Monitor your health, and any changes or even the slightest sign of flu, get tested. We have to help one another to stop the spread of coronavirus.

6. Keep checking in wherever you go. You can download the Northern Territory Check In App.

7. Keep washing your hands.

So, this is how we turn a self-quarantine into a fun holiday! My next post will show how much we have spent in accommodation and flights. ☺️

Please note, we haven’t gone to any declared hotspot areas in Queensland before travelling to Darwin. ☺️☺️

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