A week in Darwin- Neuron Mobility E scooters and E bikes – How great are they?!

How many of you really thought that transportation is one of the most expensive thing we have to consider when travelling?

Well, at least it is to me. Transportation, especially just within the city, is expensive and can be daunting. That is why, I am so excited to write this piece.

Let’s talk about e- scooters and e- bikes in Darwin and how they are changing the way to explore Darwin City!

I had a little bit of hesitation to try them at first, as I wasn’t sure how expensive will they be to use and how safe they are, and boy was I so glad to stop resisting and just let go. It was the best decision we have ever done since we have arrived.

Hahaha I literally stopped and asked for a photo. We biked around from our Hotel to Mindil Beach, Fannie Bay and Bundilla Beach. The sight was so beautiful and we vowed to come back on Sunday to visit the Mindil Market. So, you better watch out for my next post.

Neurons Mobility started its 12-month trial in Darwin on January 23, 2020. Not only it was a game changer to locals in the city, but it was also a great convenience to tourists, like us. It is cheap and very easy to use, as well.

Here are the following steps to use Neurons Mobility.

1. Download the app- Neuron Mobility Sharing . You can do by clicking the link above, or searching it on play store or apple store.

2. Check the pricing on their website or here. It offers a variety of packages that suits your needs. It is pretty easy to understand. ☺️

These are the packages they are offering currently. I chose the 7-day pass, which I paid $33.00, and it allows me to use either the e-scooter or e-bikes for 90 minutes!

3. E-scooters and E-bikes are the two main services we can use with Neurons Mobility. The prices and packages are the same when using both of these, what differentiates between the two is the distance.

Early morning scooter ride with Neuron Mobility.

E-scooters have limited distance, they are perfect to use just around the city. They would lose their service if you go beyond the service areas. Trust me, you don’t want to test its limit, or you’ll find yourself dragging it out until you can use it again. And, there’s no way you can just leave it out there, as it doesn’t end the trip and will keep incurring charges or would eat out your minutes. You don’t want that.

E-bikes are designed for longer distance and are treated like ordinary bikes. So, if you actually think of going to Casuarina Square, get one of the e-bikes and explore Darwin City a little bit more with your cardio being ticked from your exercise list. 😜

4. Both e-scooters and e-bikes are built and designed for safety. Both have terms and regulations to follow before using, and I am hoping we would be responsible enough to take care of these beauties and follow the proper protocols. I do believe these are game changers in Darwin City.

I have listed the useful links on how to use e-bikes and e-scooters.

If you have any questions, please comment below. 😜

Start Riding
Riding Safely

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