A week in Darwin- Spectacular Jumping Crocodile Cruise Experience

Have you seen crocodiles?

Not in the zoos, but crocodiles in their natural habitat?

Fun fact: The Saltwater Crocodile – Crocodylus porosus continually replace their teeth throughout their lifetime, with a new tooth every 1-2 months! Lucky buggers! (Taken from Spectacular Jumping Crocodiles FB page).

I didn’t know that seeing them in their natural environment, would be such a raw and exotic experience. It changes my perspective about Salt Water Crocodiles.

You just can’t help but fall in love with them.

I have seen the largest crocodile in the world, Lolong, which held the Guinness Book of Record in November 2011, but in 2013, it died from pneumonia and cardiac arrest, giving back the title to Cassius from Queensland, Australia. And to this day, Cassius still holds the title.

Hey Knuckles! Did you know that more than 80,000 crocodiles freely roam around the waterways in Northern Territory, and they are widely loved and protected by the people there. Anyone who would joke about intending to hurt their croc, trust me, they will kill you first before you could even touch a finger to any of these beauties. And I love the people here, for that. My faith in humanity is restored.

But, I am not going to talk about these two. I want to talk about this one-footed legend of a crocodile, name Stumpy, who I have heard costed the Northern Territory government $14,000 dollars. He is an 85 year-old salt water crocodile, who we met yesterday, that forever changed the way we see Crocodiles.

He is quite of a character. He is the alpha, and makes sure everyone knows it. He fights for his territory and does not shy away when it comes to fights, the evidence are his only one complete foot, as the rest were either badly bitten by other crocs. Don’t get me wrong, he is equally lovable, your dangerous kind of guy you might not want to bring to your parents, but would certainly one of the best memories you have. Hahaha

Here goes Stumpy. He is 5.5 metres long and probably weighs more than the people on the cruise that day. I know it may sound weird,but watching him, and listening to our tour guides, Rick and Jono, describing him and giving him that bad-boy character, everyone just feels that instant connection with him. Everyone marvels at his strength and length! And did I mention, he only has one complete foot left, and he loves fighting and he has girlfriends in the river. Haha

Having to meet them in their natural habitat, plus the funny stories the guides tell us, I couldn’t help but love them, probably from afar. You see, they have been described as cold-blooded and dangerous, which they really are, but they seem to be just being themselves, cunning and patient, and marvelously beautiful.

If you are visiting the Northern Territory, Spectacular Jumping Crocodile should be on your top list.

For more information, please visit Spectacular Jumping Crocodiles website (link attached). It is open all year round, except on Christmas days. They do 4 cruises daily and last up to 1 glorious hour.

I can definitely assure you that this is a one of a kind experience that doesn’t kill your budget but would definitely give you an experience of a lifetime.

We booked this via AAT Kings. It was a comfortable, no-hassle trip!!

We were picked up and dropped off from and to our hotel and free water was provided. Michael, our driver proved to be a great company, educating us about Darwin City during the road trip. ☺️

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